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$1.3 Billion (Yes, Billion!) Invested in Communities in 2015

$1.3 billiontotal program activity for 2015

1.21.2016 - - LISC has never, in 35 years of work, invested more in the future of low-income communities than it did in 2015. President & CEO Michael Rubinger begins his last year at LISC’s helm with a look at the organization's historic $1.3 billion in support for efforts that help Americans prosper. [...]

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What is LISC?

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation, known as LISC, is the largest organization in the country supporting projects to revitalize communities. These include more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability. We provide the capital, strategy and know-how to local groups to get this done. As a result, more than five million Americans live in stronger, thriving communities. See our reach as a national nonprofit and see how we work.

$10 million
$100 million
$1 billion
Since 1980
$15 billion
total invested

$44.1 billion
total leveraged
Why Residents Should Always Have a Seat at the Table

Taking into account resident voices and the particular needs of local places is crucial to making grants for any community development work, writes Detroit LISC director Tahirih Ziegler in a blog for the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. It requires time and collaboration, but in the long run, place-based grant making pays off with equity for communities.[...]

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