LISC 2009 Annual Report


Mostue & Associates Architects, Inc.; Eric Young Smith; Annie O’Neill; Kristoffer Tripplaar; Peter Morehand

President's Message:

Todd France

2009 Highlights:

The Built Environment: Sue Peters; Mostue & Associates Architects, Inc.; Susan Murray; City of Lakes Community Land Trust; Christopher Halloran

Family Income & Assets: Eric Young Smith; Jacqueline Burau; LISC archives

Economic Vitality: Meta Housing Corporation; Elise Hoben; Annie O’Neill

Education: Jim West; Kristoffer Tripplaar; Brighter Choice Foundation; LISC archives

Health and Environment: Peter Morehand; Taylor Dabney; NHS Duluth; Darlene Devita

Local Stories:

Boston: Darlene Devita

Buffalo: LISC archives

Duluth: Heath Hickok; Mike Anderson; NHS Duluth; SVCNDA

Newark: Amy Gillman; Peter Morehand; Uncommon Charter Schools

Gulf Region: LISC archives; Shawn Escoffery

Houston: Erica Hernandez; Eric Hester; LISC archives

Jacksonville: LISC archives

Los Angeles: Meta Housing Corporation; Coalition for Responsible Community Development; LISC archives

Michigan: Sue Peters; Uptown Developments, LLC; LISC archives

Mid South Delta: LISC archives; Mississippi Action for Community Education

Milwaukee: James Schnepf; LISC archives

New York City: Alice Proujansky; LISC archives

Phoenix: LISC archives

Pittsburgh: Annie O’Neill; PPND archives

Washington State: Impact Capital archives

Friends and Leaders:

Todd France; LISC Archives; John David Raper


Annie O'Neill; LISC archives; Todd France

Design & Web Development:

Landesberg Design