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Summary: Rural LISC (PDF)

Rural LISC is fully implementing its Building Sustainable Communities program across the country. In Pennsylvania’s Uniontown and Tamaqua, where our rural Sustainable Communities effort has been most active, LISC has invested almost $10 million and leveraged an additional $76 million. Rural LISC also reorganized its capacity-building program to foster a more comprehensive and targeted approach to community development in each of its 61 partner CDCs. Affordable housing continues to be the cornerstone of our rural work and as a result of Rural LISC’s investments, there is new farmworker housing in Ventura, Calif.; senior apartments in Rochester, N.Y., and Wolmensdorf, Pa., and affordable homes not only in Uniontown and Tamaqua, but also in Spencer, Iowa, Elkins, W.Va., Tuskegee, Ala., and rural Alaska. New and expanded businesses such as a recycling plant (Georgetown, Ohio), commercial kitchen (Republic, Pa.), and a building materials company (Columbia Falls, Mont.) are creating and retaining jobs. And new educational opportunities are open to students and adults through service-learning programs in Uniontown and Tamaqua, and technology training in Tulare County, Calif. In these communities and dozens of others like them, Rural LISC is helping lift rural up from stagnation so they can become vibrant, sustainable places of opportunity for the long term.

Cumulative Statistics

  • $487,802,178
    in total investments
    (LISC and affiliates)
  • 15,600 affordable homes and apartments
  • 2,364,917 square feet of retail and community space
  • $1,693,086,156 leveraged

2009 Statistics

  • $4,868,100
    in total investments
    (LISC and affiliates)
  • 368 affordable homes and apartments
  • 762,200 square feet of retail and community space
  • $48,900,600 leveraged


Private Sector Support

  • Bank of America
  • BB&T
  • Citi Foundation
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
  • Federal Home Loan Banks
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • National City Bank (acquired by PNC Bank)
  • PNC Bank
  • State Farm
  • Union Bank of California
  • The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Robert & Susan Warwick

Public Sector Support

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development