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Summary: Washington State LISC/Impact Capital (PDF)

LISC’s partner in Washington State, Impact Capital, serves a culturally diverse population in its neighborhoods, and Building Sustainable Communities is a particularly vital tool for helping them do so. With its flexible, inherently local roots, Building Sustainable Communities responds directly to the unique cultural character and needs of the many places it is employed. Known locally as Vibrant Communities, it flows from years of work by Impact Capital and LISC in places like White Center, Wash., where 54 languages are spoken, and the Chinatown International District in Seattle and the East Sprague International District in Spokane. In all these neighborhoods, LISC and Impact Capital have supported commercial corridor development, community safety programs and affordable workforce housing, among other things. One such project completed in 2009, Casa Latina, is a new center for Latino residents and day laborers to help them find employment, learn English, and receive family services. It illustrates how Building Sustainable Communities empowers residents. It connects them to each other and to other local stakeholders. With support from LISC and Impact Capital, it gives them the chance to take control of their future.

Cumulative Statistics

  • $435,576,723
    in total investments
    (LISC and affiliates)
  • 27,076 affordable homes and apartments
  • 1,734,561 square feet of retail and community space
  • $2,726,993,576 leveraged

2009 Statistics

  • $8,313,356
    in total investments
    (LISC and affiliates)
  • 750 affordable homes and apartments
  • 31,880 square feet of retail and community space
  • $155,350,931 leveraged


Private Sector Support

  • Bank of America
  • Living Cities
  • NFL Youth Football Fund

Public Sector Support

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development