2010 Annual Report



LISC Archives, Chris Bohnhoff Photography, New Hope Housing, Eric Young Smith

President’s Message:

Annie O’Neill

Celebrating 30 Years:

Annie O’Neill, Deb Lindsey, Vanessa Vick, Mary Calvert

2010 Highlights:

Goal 1: The Built Environment: Oakland, CA–Brian Rose, courtesy of David Baker & Partners; Minneapolis, MN–Chris Bohnhoff Photography; Jacksonville, FL–LISC Archives

Goal 2: Family Income & Assets: Washington, DC–LISC Archives; Houston, TX–Courtesy of Houston Food Bank; Chicago, IL–Eric Young Smith

Goal 3: Economic Vitality: Quinnesec, MI–Courtesy of Verso Paper Corp.; Duluth, MN–Howie Hanson; Cincinnati, OH–LISC Archives

Goal 4: Quality Education: Houston, TX–Courtesy of KIPP Houston; Kansas City, MO–Kate Corwin, Courtesy of Greenworks Kansas City; Providence, RI–Cindy Larson

Goal 5: Health & Environment: Health care–LISC Archives; Arts–Courtesy of Mural Arts Program, Courtesy of Stepping Stones Children’s Museum; Community Safety–LISC Archive; NFL Grassroots Program–Frances Stanley, LISC Archives

Local Stories:

Boston: Darlene Devita

Buffalo: LISC Archives

Chicago: Eric Young Smith

Cincinnati: LISC Archives

Connecticut: Courtesy of Stepping Stones Children’s Museum

Detroit: LISC Archives

Duluth: Howie Hanson

Hartford: LISC Archives

Houston: Courtesy of KIPP Houston

Indianapolis: LISC Archives

Jacksonville: Courtesy of KIPP Impact Middle School

Kansas City: Kate Corwin, Courtesy of Greenworks Kansas City

Los Angeles: Meta Housing Corporation

Michigan: Sue Peters

Mid South Delta: Everett Chinn, Delta Democrat Times

Milwaukee: Courtesy of Riverworks Development Corp.

New York City: Annie O’Neill

Newark: Amy Gillman

Philadelphia: LISC Archives

Phoenix: LISC Archives

Pittsburgh (through PPND): Annie O’Neill

Rhode Island: Cindy Larson

Rural: Courtesy of Verso Paper Corp.

San Diego: LISC Archives

San Francisco Bay Area: Brian Rose, courtesy of David Baker & Partners

Toledo: LISC Archives

Twin Cities: Chris Bohnhoff Photography

Virginia: LISC Archives

Washington DC: LISC Archives

Washington State (through Impact Capital): Impact Capital Archives


Annie O’Neill; LISC archives; Todd France

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