Cover Photograph

Juan Francisco Hernandez

It’s About Jobs

Main, Chicago, and Twin Cities videos by Tumultimedia

San Diego video by Steven Torchia

Houston video footage courtesy of Volunteers of America Texas

It Starts with Hope

Photographs in order: Juan Francisco Hernandez, Christopher Lark, Inc., Kenny Corbin, Vanessa Sorensen

All the Work is Local

All photographs are from LISC archives except for the following:

Chicago: Gordon Walek

Cincinnati: Andrew Stahlke

Los Angeles: Tonya Wise

Milwaukee: Lucia Lozano

Pittsburgh (PPND): Rick Armstrong

Twin Cities: Annie O'Neill

Washington State (Impact Capital): courtesy of Impact Capital

All Thanks to You

All photographs courtesy of LISC except for the following (in order):

1,13: Karl Crutchfield

4,5,17: Darlene Devita

Our People

Photographs from LISC archives


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