LISC 2014 Annual Report

Annual Report

The Smartest Investment

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,” Benjamin Franklin once wrote, and at LISC, we know this truth first hand. Communities thrive when families have access to quality pre-K and high-performing schools and enrichment activities for their children, and when adults can get the skills training and continuing education they need to land and advance in living wage jobs. Education is one of the soundest predictors of economic stability and personal well-being that we know of.

LISC Education by the Numbers

  • $333 millioninvested in schools and early education centers
  • 386educational facilities developed
  • 100,000kids have access to better education

That’s why educational opportunity is a cornerstone of the work we do in neighborhoods across the country. LISC invests in preschool facilities and outstanding public charter schools, like Detroit’s D.E.P.S.A., featured in the video above. And we support after-school, arts and recreation programs that promote physical and social health, along with a tapestry of learning initiatives that go beyond the traditional classroom. Not only do strong educational opportunities attract residents with a lasting commitment to a neighborhood, they are the bedrock of the kind of equitable, diverse and sustainable communities in which everyone deserves to live.

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All photographs from LISC archives except for the following:
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