LISC 2015 Annual Report

Annual Report

Thank you, Michael, for all you’ve done

After 17 years as president & CEO of LISC, Michael Rubinger is stepping down on June 30th 2016. Michael was the first program officer hired at LISC and has served the organization over the course of four decades. He has built LISC into one of the country’s largest organizations supporting projects to lift low-income communities. He has been the driving force behind innovative programs, creative financing tools and a comprehensive approach to revitalization that has changed the field of community development. The organization—and hundreds of neighborhoods across the country—are measurably stronger because of his leadership.

Michael has been an inspirational leader and advocate for low-income families and communities across the country. He will be greatly missed, but I suspect he will be as busy as ever working to make the world a better place one community at a time. Best wishes!

Ed Woods, State Farm

If there was a Mount Rushmore for community development, Michael Rubinger would be on it.

Dan Letendre, Bank of America

Underlying all of Michael’s contributions is his deep and abiding care for and commitment to the people and communities that LISC serves around the country.  He is a community development hero!

Laura Tavormina, West Side Federation for senior and Supportive Housing, Inc.

In many ways, the careful, meticulous, slightly obsessive Michael Rubinger embodies the best of community development: You’ve got to plan, you’ve got to organize, you’ve got to manage, you’ve got to deliver.

Tony Proscio, Consultant

Michael has been a quintessentially good steward of LISC. He’s committed his considerable intelligence, instinct and perspective to LISC and made it a place where remarkable people are eager to serve.

Vince O’Donnell, Preservation of Affordable Housing

In a world full of bluster, Michael is the opposite – smart, thoughtful, accomplished, unpretentious, unimpressed with the ceremonial and drawn to the practical. As a way to carry on his legacy, we can—and should—keep it real.

Carla Javits, Roberts Enterprise Development Fund

Michael is without a doubt one of the wisest people I’ve known at LISC, and I’ve been here a long time. But it’s more than just smarts – it’s the honesty and passion that come through.

Amy Gillman, LISC

At a time when others were shrinking or abandoning their presence in local communities, LISC, under Michael’s leadership, never wavered from its commitment to the importance of community voice in community development.

Bob Van Meter, LISC Boston

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Thank You, Michael
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