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Atlanta is a city with an incredible heritage as the birthplace of the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Long-time residents have built thriving communities here, and the city attracts thousands of new residents every year. 

There is a great deal of excitement around many new initiatives in Atlanta. However, work remains for Atlanta to reach its full potential as an equitable place for all of its residents. Many urban core neighborhoods struggle with blight, vacancies and high levels of poverty. That's where LISC Atlanta steps in. 

Financial Stability

LISC’s initial focus is establishing Financial Opportunity Centers (FOC) in Atlanta.

The FOCs’ proven integrated service delivery strategy helps low-income individuals and families attain financial stability by delivering services across three critical areas:

  • Employment placement, job retention, and skill improvement
  • Financial coaching and education
  • Access to income supports/public benefits

With funding from State Farm, MetLife and Wells Fargo, LISC has launched its FOC model in Atlanta in partnership with two nonprofits:

  • Lutheran Services of Georgia, which will provide FOC services in the Clarkston area of DeKalb County.
  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta, which has received a LISC FOC planning grant to expand and consider integration of services. 

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Affordable Housing Strategies

A cornerstone of LISC’s mission is to preserve and create housing that is affordable to low and middle income families. We have heard the need loud and clear: Atlanta needs more affordable housing. LISC is experienced at financing and managing affordable housing funds, as well as providing guidance and technical assistance to housing organizations.

We are looking forward to collaborating with organizations, mission-oriented developers, the City of Atlanta and other stakeholders to improve the affordable housing landscape through a variety of strategies, programs and funds.

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Sports & Recreation

Safe, well-maintained places to gather, exercise and play are fundamental to the development and well-being of the members of any community—especially children. In distressed neighborhoods, where positive recreational outlets may be scarce, a playing field or park can serve as a welcome refuge from unsafe streets and as a deterrent to gang activity and other negative influences. For parents, youth recreation can mean peace of mind, and a chance to connect with other families in the community. 

A neighborhood dotted with well-cared for greenspace and sports fields also attracts commercial investment, enjoys lower crime rates and appeals to people who want to put down roots. 

LISC’s Sports and Recreation team has been working in Atlanta for over 20 years to renovate and build football fields. In 2018, in partnership with the NFL and ESPN Foundation, we redeveloped a dilapidated football field at the Bellwood Boys & Girls Club on the Westside and are currently renovating a basketball court at the same site.

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