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LISC understands the importance of ensuring that housing remains affordable, high quality, and healthy for all. Our Green Retrofit Initiative helps affordable housing owners implement energy efficient and clean energy technology, transition to safer cleaning products and pest management techniques, and go smoke-free in their buildings.  Through this work, we have demonstrated that energy and water retrofits can consistently result in 20% energy savings.

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We've conducted energy retrofits on
5,000+ units
of affordable housing

In 2016, LISC received a $600,000 grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, which enabled us to support organizations statewide to systematically achieve deep energy efficiency savings and implement clean energy technologies. We provided comprehensive energy audits for 24 multifamily affordable buildings approaching rehabilitation/refinance, and retrocommissioning to optimize the performance of existing renewable technologies in 14 properties. The overarching goal is to use clean and efficient energy technologies to lower energy bills for low-income residents and multifamily buildings across the Commonwealth.

Building upon the policy work conducted the past two years with the utilities and housing finance agencies, LISC has also been working closely with the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN LIMF program) and our building science partners performing the energy audits. Each building science firm provides LEAN LIMF staff with audit reports to tee up opportunities and funding through the LEAN LIMF program. The goal is to leverage LEAN LIMF funding, outline energy opportunities that program will likely not be able to fund but should still be included in the rehab scope of work, and highlight potential clean energy technologies.

Case Studies

These nine case studies offer concrete examples of the challenges affordable housing owners face in retrofitting their properties, and how, with the support of the Green Retrofit Initiative, they were able to overcome them and realize significant savings.

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We've created these toolkits to help affordable housing developers, owners, and property managers make their buildings more healthy and energy-efficient, and save money in the process.

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Green Retrofit Initiative participants have consistently realized between 20 and 29% savings, as illustrated by our own analysis and an independent review of the data.

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