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Next Level Housing Solutions:

Discussion Series

Many of us are working on issues related to our region's housing crisis in impactful ways as partners.  The Next Level Housing Solutions conversations seek to dovetail with and support all of these efforts while calling upon us, together, to build the solutions and coalitions that are needed to meaningfully address the known crisis.

We propose the following topics for discussions for Summer and Fall of 2019 as a starting point in an effort to catalyze a broader, more robust response to the crisis:

  • Tackling Income Inequality and Driving Racial Equity
  • Creative Policy Solutions
  • Creative Financing Solutions
  • Aligning Leaders and Solutions Across Sectors
  • Building Urgency and Political Will
  • Next Level Housing Symposium

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For more on why these topics are the current focus of the discussions, visit Next Level Housing Solutions: A Call to Action.

Discussion: Tackling Income Inequality and Driving Racial Equity

Explore actionable strategies for combating displacement of low-and middle income renters and communities of color and housing-related strategies, including but not limited to ownership models, to enable the stability, wealth and health of low- and moderate income people and of racial groups that have been disadvantaged by housing policy and structural racism.

July 17, 2019, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Discussion Recap and Materials
Discussion: Creative Policy Solutions

Policy solutions are being discussed at many levels, and we do not wish to duplicate those conversations.  We do wish to connect to them, add diverse perspectives, work to resolve competing priorities, and explore new or creative solutions.

July 30, 2019, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Discussion Recap and Materials
Discussion: Creative Financing Solutions

How can we deploy existing and expanded resources creatively to leverage greater and/or faster impact and craft new solutions?  If we ask private sector partners to come to the table as funders, what type of capital is needed and how could it be most impactfully deployed?  How can we leverage opportunities created by the current market in support of our housing needs?

September 10, 2019, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Discussion Recap and Materials
Discussion: Aligning Leaders and Solutions Across Sectors

How can we bring civic leaders, employers, educators, public health professionals, media and community leaders together as leaders, funders, advocates and solutionmakers?  Can the evolving partnerships between housing and healthcare leaders pave the way and set the pace?  How will we seed the alignment of transit and housing policy?  What other sectors are crucial, and how will we engage them?

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Discussion: Building Urgency and Political Will

There are many policy solutions that could have impact, but their viability is challenged by the lack of urgency and broad political will that is needed to get municipal leaders to lead on a crisis that their constituents may not currently feel.  How do we sound the alarm and build the support needed to meet our housing challenges head-on? What are the educational, media, organizing, coalition building and other strategies we can pursue to create the necessary political will?

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These discussions will overlap and inform each other, resulting in a more robust set of actionable ideas, and greater collective impact through collaboration.  We urge you to join one or all of these conversations, and to bring other community, business, thought or civic leaders or influencers to join the conversation.  

We will take notes, share the ideas exchanged in these conversations and any offshoots, and bring the evolving ideas and growing, diversifying leadership group back together later in the fall:

Next Level Housing Solutions Symposium

NEW DATE: February 2020
Tentative Time: 10:00 – 3:00
Location TBD

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How can I take my response to the Next Level?

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  • Share your ideas.  Bring your ideas to the meetings described above or submit them anytime via  You can also volunteer to help plan and facilitate a particular discussion group.
  • Help us broaden the conversation.  Forward this notice to another community, business, thought or civic leader or influencer and ask them to join the Next Level Housing Solutions conversation.
  • Spread the Word.  Look for opportunities to share with your neighbors and your community about these challenges and work for solutions in your neighborhood, city, town or community.