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Affordable Housing

An essential element of a resilient community is access to affordable housing – both rental and homeownership opportunities. LISC plays an important role in providing capital investment and technical assistance for an increasingly diverse array of real estate development projects in low and moderate income communities.

Through our subsidiary, the National Equity Fund, LISC has connected several local partner organizations to federal low income housing tax credits that helped fund new affordable housing developments. To date, NEF’s committed investments in 18 affordable housing developments in Buffalo exceed $111 million and have created over 1,000 affordable homes.

affordable homes in Buffalo

LISC also works with our partner organizations to revitalize properties for affordable homeownership. LISC’s predevelopment and early stages loans have provided assistance to many projects in local communities. Since we opened our doors, LISC and NEF have provided a total of $116 million toward affordable housing projects. Those investments attracted additional capital, leveraging our investments and accelerating the pace of change. To date, LISC has contributed to the creation of 2,574 affordable homes in Buffalo.