Key Questions for Developers

Brought to you by: LISC

About the Developer

  • What development models and services do you offer, i.e. fee-based developer, lease with option to purchase, long-term lease, etc.?
  • How many charter schools have you developed nationally and locally? 

Predevelopment Costs & Fees

  • What documents do you require the school to sign before you engage/incur costs?
  • Who covers upfront predevelopment costs?
  • Do you charge upfront fees to the school?
  • What happens if the project does not move forward after costs are incurred?


  • Do you require lease guarantees or lease deposits?
  • How are your annual rents established?
  • Do you provide a purchase option, and if so, how is the price calculated and when can the option be exercised?

Written by: Sara Sorbello, LISC

Special thank you to: Alex Shawe, Level Field Partners

Legal Disclaimer:

Nothing in this material should be construed as investment, financial, brokerage, or legal advice. Moreover, the facts and circumstances relating to your particular project may result in material changes in the processes, outcomes, and expenses described herein. Consult with your own professional advisors, including your financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys, before attempting to consummate any transaction described in this material.