General Contractor

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The general contractor (GC) coordinates all aspects of construction, for both new construction and renovation projects. Most often, the GC is selected through a bidding process after the construction documents are completed. He or she works from the architect’s final drawings and specifications and, thus, should have a productive working relationship with the architect. In the case of a design-build situation (when the GC’s team designs and builds the facility), the responsibilities of the architect should be integrated into those discussed here for the GC.

The GC’s responsibility includes hiring electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and other subcontractors and making sure the work is completed in a timely fashion in accordance with the design documents. During regular team meetings, the GC should provide detailed reports of construction progress and actual costs incurred against the established budget. Also at these meetings during construction, the GC, the architect, and the PM will review any necessary “change orders” to the construction contract.

The Construction section provides a complete discussion on selecting and negotiating with a GC.

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