Assemble the Development Team

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This team’s role is to render a concrete reality from a creative vision. It achieves this by coordinating the skills and expertise from many disciplines. Assembling a strong, experienced team will go a long way toward enabling the project’s success. By involving key players from the beginning, you guarantee that all team members “buy into” the entire project from start to finish, understand their respective roles and responsibilities, and are readily available to make their unique contributions. Your team will meet several times during the one to three-plus years of your development process. Some team members, such as the architect or project manager, will be a constant presence, and other specialized team members — legal counsel, real estate agent, engineers — will be brought in as needed to provide expertise.

Team meetings are a regular and necessary form of communication critical to moving your project along. You will review progress, address issues, and ensure everyone is on the same page. During the early development stages, the team might meet once or twice a month, and then more frequently as the project advances into the construction phase. Establish set times for team meetings.

The following people should be included on your team:

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