LISC National

Our Impact

With a 38 year local track record, LISC Chicago:

  • Has provided $117M in loans and $610M in equity to support the development and rehabilitation of 32,606 housing units in Chicago.
  • Provided $30.4M in loans and $44.3M in equity in commercial projects, supporting 5.9M square feet of commercial development.
  • Supported 24 Quality-of-Life Plans across 18 neighborhoods; to date these plans have leveraged over $872M in real estate and program investments.
  • Our Financial Opportunity Centers have placed over 10,000 people in jobs and increased the credit, net income or net worth of more than 9,000 Chicago residents.
  • More than 23,000 Chicago youth have participated in Hoops in the Hood, a LISC summer recreation and safety program.
  • In the past six years through the Micro-Market Recovery Program, LISC supported the re-occupancy of 920 vacant homes, assisted more than 1,300 families to stay in their homes, and connected homeowners to over 130 loans or assistance for home purchase or rehabilitation.
  • Invested more than $300,000 to support coordination within commercial corridors to start Special Service Areas that leveraged an additional $24.5M.