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Technical Assistance

Recognizing that effective community development requires strong local organizations, LISC provides technical assistance to help community development organizations to:

  • Plan and implement effective affordable housing and community development projects and programs;
  • Build strong organizational systems that insure productivity and long-term sustainability; and,
  • Convene community partnerships to build support for comprehensive community development approaches.

LISC provides technical assistance to help organizations successfully complete projects and manage assets for the community’s long-term benefit. LISC assistance guides organizations through the predevelopment, development, and management phases of projects including: site selection and acquisition; assembling financing; permitting; construction and asset and property management.

LISC also works closely with organizations to strengthen their organizational management and systems. LISC utilizes a variety of assessment tools as well as the resources of consultants and National LISC to identify organizational components that need strengthening. Among the topics addressed are: strong internal financial management systems; technology enhancements; transition planning; staff and board development; business planning and asset management systems.

Connecticut Statewide LISC calls upon specialized National LISC programs to provide technical resources on topics such as: community safety; health; charter school financing; creative placemaking and public policy.

Connecticut Statewide LISC also hosts training and forums that offer organizations an opportunity to learn best practices and to learn from their peers.

Contact the Connecticut Statewide LISC office to learn more.