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Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Sometimes the value of development is not only just in what is being built, but how and where. People need to be able to get from home to work, school, shopping and other services efficiently and affordably. Communities need smart plans that revive their economic prospects and ensure that long-time neighborhood residents can share in the new prosperity.

Equitable transit-oriented development (TOD) accomplishes both. It attracts businesses and jobs, maximizes existing infrastructure and capitalizes on new investments. By including affordable housing in TOD plans, we can ensure that low and moderate-income residents are able to stay in their neighborhoods to enjoy the economic benefits generated by TOD.

LISC has been working on TOD the same way we do everything else—with a comprehensive view of what makes communities healthy and strong. For more information on LISC’s national TOD work, see this overview of our TOD investments.