White House lauds new Institute's "Chorus for Change"

The White House Office of Urban Affairs offered a warm welcome to LISC's new initiative, The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development, in an April 23 post on the White House Blogs.

23 Apr 2010 - Alaina Beverly, White House Blogs: Office of Urban Affairs

The post by Alaina Beverly, Associate Director for the White House Office of Urban Affairs, referenced the Institute's formal debut on April 20, when 150 practitioners and urban policy leaders gathered at the Capital Hilton in Washington to discuss the role of the Institute and how it can work with the Federal government, foundations, neighborhoods and researchers. The event featured a keynote address by Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement and opening remarks by Adolfo Carrion, Director, White House Office of Urban Affairs.

"The timing for this collaborative effort could not be better," the post noted. "As the White House Office of Urban Affairs works alongside the Domestic Policy Council to create comprehensive federal programming that will support sustainable planning and integrated initiatives at the local and regional level, who better to learn from than the community drivers who have a proven track record of creating resilient, vibrant and inclusive communities?" Continued[+]...

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