Cincinnati LISC called a "backbone" organization to strengthen and restore neighborhoods

In a blog by a nonprofit consulting firm, Cincinnati LISC is touted as a backbone organization that works with other local leaders to work on comon goals and achieve greater results in Cincinnati.

"Connecting People and Places" in Cincinnati

23 Apr 2012 - Christina Bryant,


Collective Impact has been taken to a new level in Cincinnati, where the concept has blossomed under the support of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF).

GCF, a community foundation, has developed a visionary strategic grantmaking framework, Connecting People and Places. This strategy leverages existing Collective Impact initiatives, supporting, sustaining, and scaling systems change efforts to address issues important to the community, including educational success, strong communities, cultural vibrancy, job creation, environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, and health and wellness. These initiatives are coming together in search of even greater alignment.

Backbone organizations, such as Strive Partnership, United Way’s Success by Six, Partners for a Competitive Workforce, Vision 2015, Agenda 360, and LISC’s place matters, many of whom already work closely to complementary ends, are taking a look at how they can come together around common goals to achieve greater results. Working with GCF and these organizations, FSG has had the opportunity to learn more about the activities and outcomes of the backbone organizations that drive this collective work. A challenge in this—and a constant challenge for backbone organizations (not unlike foundations and consultants)—is understanding the impact of backbone work when it is several steps removed from direct impact in the community. Continued[+]...

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