LISC sets up Sandy relief fund

LISC is setting up the LISC Emergency Relief Fund to help people in low-income neighborhoods that were affected by Hurricane Sandy get the assistance they need to recover from this disaster.

6 Nov 2012 - Michael Rubinger

The wreckage and despair from Hurricane Sandy is breathtaking and the recovery threatens to be long and hard.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is already at work to bring help to the Tri-State area where it is most needed. The national nonprofit is setting up the LISC Emergency Relief Fund that will make sure people in low-income neighborhoods get the assistance they need whether from the federal government or a local hardware store.

This natural disaster devastated people who were already struggling. Many of those people are in neighborhoods where LISC and its community partners already have a presence and infrastructure. That means the funds can move quickly to bring targeted relief to the most vulnerable residents—the poor, the elderly and the disabled.

The LISC Emergency Relief Fund will achieve two main objectives:

  • It will connect hurricane victims to government agencies and other emergency resources. LISC and its partners will send out teams to register residents with emergency response groups and then follow up to make sure they get the help they are due.
  • It will help to assess and finance emergency repairs for housing. This will enable residents to remain in or return quickly to their homes, increasing the stock of livable housing in the affected neighborhoods.

For three decades LISC’s mission has been to help communities rebuild and thrive. It has a long tradition of coming to the aide of low-income people during disasters, from Hurricane Andrew in Florida to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to Hurricane Ike in Houston.

In Sandy’s aftermath, LISC is working with key federal, state, local and civic leaders in the Tri-State area to deliver resources quickly and effectively.

“Our aim is to cut through red tape and work with our partners to get help on the ground to people who have nowhere else to turn,” said Michael Rubinger, president and CEO of LISC. “Our infrastructure is here and ready to get going.”

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> LISC establishes Emergency Relief Fund to help low-income residents recover from Sandy

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