LISC's Chris Walker blogs for PND on replicating good programs

In Philantopic, the Philanthropy News Digest's blog, Chris Walker outlines important takeaways for replicating good social programs, from LISC's study of its Financial Opportunity Center model.

Better Ways to Bring Social Programs to Scale

14 Jan 2013 - Chris Walker, LISC Director of Research and Assessment


(A longer version of this post was published online in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in December.)

Increased demand for social programs that are simultaneously threatened with budget cuts creates a need to not only ramp up proven innovations, but also to be smarter and more effective in doing so. In 2011, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), a national community development intermediary dedicated to the comprehensive revitalization of low-income neighborhoods, leveraged an investment from the Social Innovation Fund to further expand its Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) program. LISC recently undertook a thorough study of its expansion of the FOC model to identify which elements and strategies made it work, and how they might help similar organizations.

Financial Opportunity Centers help low-income families by offering a suite of counseling services, including financial coaching to support basic budgeting and credit repair; advice about how to get and keep a good job; and assistance in identifying and applying for public benefits. Early results have been promising -- the program has gone from four original sites in Chicago to sixty-six centers nationwide.

The study revealed some important takeaways. Continued[+]...

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