Kansas City gets a Land Bank, thanks to advocacy by LISC

Vacant and abandoned properties in Kansas City, Missouri are going to become an endangered species thanks to a Land Bank established by the Missouri State Legislature. The bill creating the Land Bank passed with bipartisan support thanks to the advocacy and expertise of Kansas City LISC, which helped draft the language of the bill and advocated for it in the Kansas City Star. According to Sen. Jason Holsman (Democrat-7th district), "The passage of the land bank was arguably the most significant legislation of the entire session for Kansas City."

Land Bank Provides New Solutions

19 Feb 2013 - Tracey Mershon


A seed planted in 2010 at a LISC Vacant Properties Symposium grew into one of Kansas City’s most important legislative victories in recent memory. In 2012, the Missouri legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill to establish a land bank in Kansas City, Mo., culminating two years of behind-the-scenes efforts by Greater Kansas City LISC, legislative representatives and community leaders.

"Due, in part to LISC's leadership, the community was able to consider all the options available to us and determine the best course of action,” said Crystal Williams, Jackson County legislator.

LISC played an instrumental role in working behind the scene and advocating for the land bank. As a part of the Vacant Properties Campaign, it brought to Kansas City Frank Alexander, Co-Founder of the Center for Community Progress, and a national expert who has written legislation and consulted with many states on developing land banks. Alexander came back several times and eventually helped write Missouri's land bank bill. Continued[+]...

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