Experts Online - Good to Great Governance: A Leadership Series for Board Members, Session X. Board Diversity – Value Added!
08/22/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Pitfalls and Promises of Community Engagement in Comprehensive Change
Experts Online - Partnerships Personified: Success of a 360-Degree Leader
07/25/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Good to Great Governance: A Leadership Series for Board Members, Session IX.Board Self Assessment Quiz – How Is Your Board Doing?
07/11/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Neighborhood Networks: Connecting Residents to Opportunities
06/28/2007, LISC
Webcast on the Sustainable Communities Assessment
06/27/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Executive Transition: The Art of Hiring Leaders
06/06/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Improving Safety in Immigrant Communities
05/23/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Selecting and Managing Your ARCHITECT
05/09/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Zero Cover-up: Maximizing QuickBooks
05/01/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Tax Increment Financing (TIFS): Making it Work for Community Development
04/25/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Leave Nothing on the Table: The Art of Skillful Negotiation
04/18/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Key Nonprofit Board Legal Requirements
04/11/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Spotlight on Safety: Addressing Crime in Our Residential Properties
04/04/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Critical Issues in Nonprofit Financial Accounting Regulation
03/23/2007, LISC
Experts Online: *Strangling Isn't An Option: Getting Results through Effective Communication
03/07/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Eminent Domain: Staking a Claim for Urban Redevelopment
02/28/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Managing the Tenant Mix in HOME Assisted Rental Properties
02/21/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Overview of Mixed-Income Development & HOME Program
02/14/2007, LISC
Experts Online - Urban Neighborhood Markets: Alternatives to Traditional Grocery Stores/Super Markets
02/08/2007, LISC
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