Experts Online - Smart Metropolitan Neighborhoods Series: Comprehensive Neighborhood Planning
07/12/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Production Power: Do More and Better
07/07/2005, LISC
Experts Online - New Communities Program
06/29/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Refinancing HUD 202 Elderly Housing
06/15/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Financial Management Internal Control: Don't Leave Home Without Them
05/18/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Smart Metropolitan Neighborhood: Green Building: It's Affordable!
04/21/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Preparing For Your Annual Audit
03/23/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Smart Metropolitan Neighborhood Series: Brownfields Redevelopment
03/01/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Power of Partnership: Leading CDCs Beyond Projects and into Community Change
02/09/2005, LISC
Experts Online - The Secrets of Our Success: A True Tale of Board and Staff Fundraising
01/19/2005, LISC
Experts Online - Selecting and Managing Your Development Team: Is There a Harder - or More Rewarding Job Anywhere?
12/15/2004, LISC
Experts Online - The Finance Committee of the Board: How to Create a Dynamic Partnership
12/02/2004, LISC
Experts Online - Beyond Strategic Planning: Linking Financial Goals to Your Annual Work Plan
11/04/2004, LISC
Experts Online - Higher Performance NOW! How New Construction Techniques Can Improve the Financial Performance fo Your Projects and the Health of Your Tenants
10/27/2004, LISC
Experts Online - HUD Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse and Inclusionary Zoning
10/20/2004, LISC
Experts Online - Understanding Your Operations: Connecting the Program to the Financial Side of Your CDC
10/06/2004, LISC
Experts Online - National and Statewide Vacant Property Revitalization Initiatives
09/27/2004, LISC
Experts Online - Good Design: The Best Kept Secret in Community Development
07/20/2004, LISC
Experts Online - Housing Preservation Decoupling: Tools for Refinancing Multi-Family Rental Properties
04/01/2004, LISC
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