2010 MetLife Awards: Nevin Corridor Partnership

Date Published: 02/23/2012

Author(s): Christine Retzlaff

Building Blocks for Kids and Richmond Police Department

2010 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Special Strategy Award for Aesthetics & Green Space Improvement.

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The focus of this partnership was the revitalization of Nevin Park and Community Center located in a high crime and violence area called the Iron Triangle in Richmond, CA. In 2005, the City of Richmond approached financial collapse and closed six senior and community centers, laying off hundreds of employees and closing key programs. The same year, Building Blocks for Kids (BBK), a collaborative of 27 community based and public agencies, was formed to address persistent poverty in the area. Through a collaborative effort of BBK and the Richmond Police, the partnership implemented a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategy and met with residents, staff and planners to propose changes to the park and surrounding area to transform the neighborhood, through increased surveillance and reinforced community values. The efforts focused on a place-based model so that all partners were investing in the same neighborhood at the same time. Today the Nevin Center is growing to be seen as a safe community hub, where job opportunities, tutorial, fitness, health and recreational activities are available. The frequency of violent incidents has reduced significantly and police calls for service have dropped by 30% within the area.

Topic: --Community Safety

Type: Case study / model practice