Commercial revitalization planning guide: A toolkit for community based organizations

Date Published: 11/01/2006

Author(s): LISC

With so many local organizations and government groups working to revitalize and develop neighborhood commercial districts, LISC has published a resource dedicated to helping communities plan and implement commercial corridor revitalization programs. Commercial corridor managers, economic development officials, chambers of commerce, and BIDs can add the Commercial Markets Advisory Service's Commercial Revitalization Planning Guide to their revitalization toolkit.

The Guide is filled with detailed direction that will provide practitioners with a starting point for strategic, comprehensive planning. It takes the reader through each stage of revitalization from planning, research, and visioning to understanding the potential of the community, analyzing the business mix, marketing the assets, and implementing the work plan. The planning guide also provides a set of practical tools to assist in implementation.

Please review the Table of Contents to gain a further understanding of the various chapters.

  1. Urban Commercial Revitalization Programs
  2. Planning For Revitalization
  3. Identifying and Involving Stakeholders
  4. Developing a Community-Based Vision
  5. Compiling Building and Business Inventories
  6. Understanding Market Data
  7. Using Surveys and Interviews to Collect Local Market Data
  8. Assessing Crime and Community Safety
  9. Developing Business Attraction Goals
  10. Evaluate Streetscape Conditions
  11. Branding the District Identity
  12. Defining an Implementation Strategy
  13. Measuring Impact
Appendix A: Hiring a Market Analysis Consultant
Appendix B: Resources

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Topics: Economic Development & Safety, --Commercial Revitalization

Type: Guidebook