Stemming the Tide: A Handbook on Preserving Subsidized Multifamily Housing

Date Published: 09/01/2002

Author(s): Emily Achtenberg

Publisher: LISC

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Over the past decade, at least 100,000 units of privately owned, federally subsidized housing have vanished from the nation's housing inventory. This publication provides a comprehensive overview of HUD-assisted multifamily properties and their supporting programs, as well as ways to preserve their affordability for low-income households. It is intended as a guide to help community-based and other nonprofit development corpotations create preservation strategies fro federally subsidized housing projects. It covers the history and overview of feeral nhsouing subsidy programs, tools and strategies available for preservation at all levels of government, and guidance on researching properties to build the foundation for a preservation strategy.

Topics: Housing, --Affordable Housing Preservation

Type: Guidebook