Recapitalizing Affordable Rental Housing: A Handbook for Nonprofit Owners

Date Published: 07/07/2005

Author(s): Emily Achtenberg, Edward J. Daly, Bart Lloyd, Vincent F. O'Donnell, David Whiston

Publisher: LISC

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Thousands of aging affordable rental properties need some form of recapitalization to remain viable. This guide offers strategies for nonprofit owners of affordable rental housing who need to recapitalize their properties or are contemplating the purchase and rehabilitation of existing affordable rental housing. This publication is intended to expand on Stemming the Tide, another LISC publication covering technical issues about the purchase and extension of subsidies for affordable rental buildings. It covers a broad assessment of the recapitalization strategy, the process of renewing project-based Section 8 contract assistance, issues particualr to HUD Section 202 Elderly Multifamily Properties, the different types and relative merits of financial resources available for recapitalization, and an in-depth discussion of capital needs assessments (CNAs).

Topics: Housing, --Affordable Housing Preservation

Type: Guidebook