New LISC study: investments in low-income communities show results
12/11/2014, Christopher Walker, LISC Research and Assessment
Urban Institute lauds LISC's comprehensive approach to redevelopment
President's Commentary: Community Development - Driving Economic Recovery
04/16/2012, Michael Rubinger, LISC
LISC Special Report: Improving Educational Opportunities & Outcomes
03/28/2012, LISC
Michael Rubinger on national panel speaks on community economic renewal
10/13/2010, Brookings Institution/Hamilton Project Forum
President's Commentary - Building Sustainable Communities: 2009 and a look forward
03/01/2010, LISC
LISC Special Report: Tackling foreclosures with long-term solutions
02/03/2010, LISC
LISC Special Report: Building Green Sustainable Communities
Building Sustainable Communities
03/05/2009, Joe Vaughan, Rhode Island LISC
The Buzz: Did CRA Wreck the Global Economy?
11/06/2008, Buzz Roberts, LISC Senior Vice President for Policy
The Buzz: Filling the LIHTC Investment Gap: Will CRA Help or Hinder?
10/14/2008, Buzz Roberts, LISC Senior Vice President for Policy
Experts Online: Responding to Foreclosure: How the Housing Bill Impacts Neighborhoods
09/17/2008, LISC
The Buzz: Housing Bill Taps Fannie, Freddie for Housing Trust Fund, Capital Magnet Fund
09/04/2008, Buzz Roberts, LISC Senior Vice President for Policy
Addressing Homelessness Through Supportive Housing
Experts Online: It's In The Mix: Keeping Your Development Projects Alive During Changing Times
07/29/2008, LISC Commercial Markets Advisory Service
The Buzz: House and Senate Negotiators Agree to Further LIHTC Changes
07/03/2008, Buzz Roberts, LISC Senior Vice President for Policy
Connections and Choices: An Update (June 2008 Data Update)
Proceedings of Getting It Done: New Tools for Communities
The Buzz: House Bill Addresses Urgent Housing Credit Realities
06/16/2008, Buzz Roberts, LISC Senior Vice President for Policy
Green Rehabilitation of Multifamily Rental Properties: A Resource Guide
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