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A requisite for a stable life

Housing is the cornerstone of our mission, even as our vision has expanded to incorporate work to improve education, health, safety and economic growth. A safe, affordable home is one of the basic requisites of life.

Detroit LISC invests in all kinds of affordable housing. We help develop new multi-family rentals like the Bell Building which houses 155 previously homeless individuals. LISC also leads programs like the 0% Interest Home Repair Loan that work to preserve existing homes that could be lost to market forces or deterioration.

Since 1990, we've financed development of more than 6,200 affordable homes.

Building the capacity of our partners to improve the supply and condition of affordable housing in their neigh­borhoods is also a part of how we work to create access to stable homes. We offer techni­cal assistance, data and mapping tools to communi­ty-based organizations and we advocate for good housing policy at all levels of government.

To make this all happen, we provide grants, loans and equity for nearly every aspect of development, from planning and acquisition to construction and ren­ovation. We work alongside LISC National and our affiliate, the National Equity Fund.

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Detroit 0% Interest Home Repair Loan

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