2014 Greater Newark LISC Highlights

Photos from Greater Newark LISC's most memorable moments of 2014.

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LISC is dedicated to helping residents transform distressed neighborhoods into sustainable communities that are good places to work, do business, and raise children. We do this by leveraging resources, galvanizing partners and serving as a conduit for community change.


New research: Integrating services spurs financial mobility for low-income Americans


Messsage from Michael Rubinger, LISC President & CEO

We live in a world where data drives understanding. And yet, we’ve been sorely lacking data when it comes to valuing comprehensive community development. We can easily describe projects and programs and talk at length about responsive plans and creative partnerships, but it has been difficult to quantify how these efforts all come together to drive fundamental, lasting change.

In short: Do people really live better in the places where LISC works? The answer is yes. In this first report to evaluate outcomes from our Building Sustainable Communities strategy, we focus on employment and incomes for residents in 63 low-income communities where we are investing. We found a clear correlation between increased LISC investments and improvements in income and employment. What’s more, we see a hopeful sense of resiliency in these places, as they hold their ground when faced with intense economic challenges that have decimated similar communities. Read more

foc report

Strong relationships between clients and financail coaches are central to the success of LISC's FInancial Opportunity Centers (FOC).

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View slideshow: Financial Opportunity Cetner Clients Gain Ground


Recent News

LISC AmeriCorps: A Local Staple and a National Treasure

From March 7th to March 12th 2015, 108 LISC AmeriCorps members traveled to Peoria, Illinois to attend the LISC AmeriCorps National Leadership Conference. The conference brought together LISC AmeriCorps members from all over the United States and gave us the opportunity to network and build relationships with other AmeriCorps members that do similar work in underserved communities across the country.

Climate Change Resiliency in Newark

In order to empower residents to be effective stewards of climate change resiliency, ICC has developed a comprehensive resiliency initiative that puts residents first and has the goal of addressing climate resiliency on multiple levels. This initiative combines neighborhood level planning, policy development, organizational management and development, and resident engagement in a way that holistically addresses climate resiliency.

The Urban Essex Coalition For Smart Growth: February 2015 Newsletter

Click the image below for a brief summary of the January 20th Urban Essex Coaliton public forum.

For more information about the Coalition, please visit their website:  http://www.urbanessexcoalition.org/

Special Announcement:Special Announcement:

Capital One Supports Newark Financial Opportunity Centers

LISC is proud to share the news that our partnership with Capital One and the Capital One Foundation continues into 2015. Capital One has recently awarded a series of grants to support programs to strengthen the financial capability and assets of low-income people across Houston, rural Louisiana, and Newark. Funding will also advance the creation of affordable housing in Houston, rural Louisiana, New York City and Washington, D.C. In addition, Capital One resources will help LISC deliver training designed to build the capacity of affordable housing developers in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. LISC is grateful for the sustained commitment of Capital One and the Capital One Foundation, important partners in our work for more than 20 years.

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Spotlight: Greater Newark LISC LAC Vice Chair explores the merits of 'Networked Governance' in rebuilding communities

dr. roland anglin

"'Networked governance,' links public leadership, innovative thinking, and community-based expertise to reduce poverty." Click here to read Dr. Roland Anglin's opinion piece on njspotlight.com.


New LISC Study: investments in low-income communities show results

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