LISC National
About Us

Mission & Approach


Resilient and inclusive communities are thriving in the Houston area thanks to LISC’s investments and supports.


LISC believes in the importance and ability of every community to thrive; safe and healthy communities where residents can live, do business, work and raise their families. LISC supports Houston communities with capital, strategy and know-how to help local leaders to transform distressed neighborhoods into communities of opportunity.

Our Approach

Sustainable communities offer the positive environments needed to ensure that residents are provided the opportunities and tools to build assets, to participate in their communities, and to become part of the mainstream economy.

Houston LISC supports sustainable communities by being a partner, funder and connector to citywide relationships and resources.  LISC brings to communities:

  • Financial resources (loans and grants)
  • Knowledge (national experts, consultants and leaders in community development)
  • Relationships (local leaders and national policymakers)

By providing capital, technical expertise and training, LISC helps to develop local leaders and invest in the creation and growth of affordable housing, local community centers, and businesses that create new jobs.

Our holistic, neighborhood-led approach targets everything that makes a community a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

The Result

We help neighbors build thriving communities.