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Great Opportunities (GO) Neighborhoods

Since 2009, the Great Opportunities (GO) Neighborhoods program has supported the revitalization of Houston communities through a neighborhood-based approach. The program is designed to:

  • Expand investment in housing and other infrastructure
  • Increase family income and wealth
  • Stimulate economic development
  • Improve access to quality education
  • Support healthy and safe environments and lifestyles
  • Strengthen leadership and civic engagement

Great Opportunities Neighborhoods are exactly that – communities where there is incredible potential and strength. LISC invests in this potential to support and connect local organizations, residents, and community-based institutions. Often, these sectors do not have the opportunities to work together with a share focus to improve the local neighborhood. The potential for creating thriving neighborhoods where residents can live, work, play and grow together is improved when all stakeholders work toward a shared vision that they create together.

LISC supports this comprehensive approach by providing resources and structures for convening, organizing, and implementing. The local community partners in each GO Neighborhood designate a convening agency to coordinate the Quality of Life Agreement (QLA) planning and implementation process. LISC provides funding for a Community Coordinator, who works to build relationships and partnerships that inform and enhance the GO Neighborhoods effort. In addition, LISC helps to build the capacity of local resident-leaders by providing technical support, training and mentorship to the many active community members that rally together to create and implement a vision for a thriving neighborhood. LISC also serves as a liaison, helping to identify additional resources and partners in the broader Houston community that can support their efforts.

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The hallmark of GO Neighborhoods is that it is truly a place-based, organic initiative that grows from the efficacy of the local community members. LISC serves as a supporter and investor, but the outcomes of GO Neighborhoods initiatives are the results of the hearts and minds of local stakeholders.

The GO Neighborhoods process begins and ends with community engagement. Along with shared leadership, it is the foundation of the GO Neighborhoods approach. The GO Neighborhoods process is cyclical, in order to address the evolving needs of a community and to continuously build upon successes and lessons learned.

Our Impact

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Senchel Matthews, Community Development Officer