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International Spotlight on KC’s African American Community

In spite of the disparities, LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers (FOC) are working with our community partners to turn things around. In a recent story, The Guardian gets real about black unemployment in America and shares the perspectives of two Financial Opportunity Center clients on what it takes to get ahead in Kansas City.

From National LISC:
1.02.2018 -

What the Jobs Numbers Don’t Tell Us—and Why It Matters

Official unemployment rates may be low, but they don’t reflect the number of people out of the workforce, underemployed or lacking the skills to get good jobs. “We need to disaggregate these numbers,” LISC CEO Maurice Jones said in a front page article in The Guardian newspaper. By 2025, the US will have 16 ...

From National LISC:
11.08.2017 -

LISC Board Chair Rubin Urges Jobs Programs in NY Times

In a New York Times op-ed, Robert Rubin makes the case for a Federal jobs initiative, citing the success of LISC’s work readiness programs in connecting people to the workforce and the reins of economic opportunity. A national approach should be seen not “as a social program but as a public investment with a ...