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KC-CUR Seeks Project Manager

KC-CUR Moving Forward 

KC-CUR Project Manager
The Kansas City Catalytic Urban Redevelopment (KC-CUR) initiative is currently one of Kansas City’s primary strategies for scaling up redevelopment on the city’s east side, focusing on both the People and the Place. Launched in 2014, it is spearheaded by a Project Steering Committee comprised of LISC, Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI), City of Kansas City, MO, and Mid-America Regional Council (MARC). The KC-CUR Implementation Strategy report, released in 2016, identifies four Priority Areas within the UNI boundaries that have the most potential to be catalysts for economic development at the scale sufficient to spur a market that can ripple throughout the larger area. Together, these four areas are best positioned to receive targeted attention and investment from public, private, and philanthropic partners.

Now, thanks in part to funding from the City and Hall Family Foundation, some significant milestones are being achieved to accelerate the strategy implementation. A Project Manager will be hired to be the primary coordinator, strategist, and advocate for KC-CUR. Housed at LISC, this individual will work with the landowners, residents and community development organizations associated with each Priority Area to help advance the plans and guiding principles of each Revitalization Scenario. In partnership with other UNI and LISC staff, this will encompass physical redevelopment opportunities and human capital programs. Alongside UNI’s Community Health & Wellness Specialist, the Project Manager will develop and promote community strategies to prevent displacement, promote affordability, and provide real economic opportunities for residents. You can view the job description HERE.



Amanda Wilson, Program Officer