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Metro Lutheran Ministry Joins LISC’s FOC Network


Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry (MLM) has been a trusted safety net provider for Kansas City families since 1971. The organization will expand its commitment to transforming lives even further now that it has joined forces with Greater Kansas City LISC as the newest Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) site. 

“We are excited to welcome Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry into the LISC FOC network,” says Stephen Samuels, LISC’s Executive Director. “The organization has a proven track record of connecting families with much-needed resources. We are confident they will be an invaluable partner in providing financial coaching to help families achieve financial freedom.” 

MLM is now part of the FOC Network, a strategic financial and workforce development partnership between LISC and the United Way of Greater Kansas City. Other sites include the Prosperity Center at Rockhurst University, Guadalupe Center, Community Services League and Women’s Employment Network. Between July 2017 and June 2018, nearly 850 clients were assisted at FOC sites, of which 364 were placed in jobs. Of those that received financial coaching, 69% increased their net income, 55% increased their net worth, and 47% improved their credit scores. 

Financial Opportunity Centers are a national model that recognize that jobs alone are not enough. That’s why the program uses a bundled services approach that combines financial coaching, employment training/support and social services support to help individuals and families break the chains of poverty. Research shows that FOC clients who receive two or more bundled services improve their monthly class flow and net income - helping them become financially stable.   


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