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Encore Presentation! Federal Policy Insights and the Impact of Tax Reform of Affordable Housing Event

LA LISC will be hosting a briefing on the federal housing updates and the impacts of tax reform on affordable housing for advocates, housing developers, policymakers, and leaders from the private and public sectors.

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1.31.2018 -

What Will the NFL Coaches Be Wearing This Sunday? Just ask LISC Indy!

If you’re watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, look carefully: every single coach in the entire league now wears a  Diamondback “communications” tool belt, and every referee studies replays on a Microsoft Surface tablet with a Diamondback case. So what’s the LISC angle? In Indianapolis, we’ve been a longtime supporter of Ruckus, a makerspace where Diamondback Toolbelts prototyped the NFL products. What’s more, Diamondback’s new owner, Michael Williams, even hired a client of one of our Financial Opportunity Centers to help his small business grow.

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1.31.2018 -

The Value of Teamwork

Leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, Maurice Jones, LISC’s CEO and president, reflects on the parallels between our 20-year partnership with the NFL Foundation and his own experiences playing high school football. The 350 fields we’ve created with the NFL Grassroots Program make clear that the value of playing fields extends well beyond the importance of physical fitness: they provide space for youth development, bring communities together, and nurture transformative relationships.

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1.31.2018 -

Field of Dreams Come True

A 20-year partnership between LISC and the NFL Foundation has built or renovated more than 350 playing fields in communities across the country. An article in Next City reports on how these collaborations in the Twin Cities, host of Super Bowl LII, have nurtured and inspired generations of young people there—including St. Paul’s first African-American mayor.

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1.29.2018 -

A RADical Way to Preserve Affordable Housing in San Francisco

In order to preserve a major portion of its decaying public housing stock, the City of San Francisco is using HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program to convert thousands of homes to non-profit ownership. LISC has helped guide the rehabilitation of these neglected units, with community developers and residents leading the way.

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1.18.2018 -

ProMedica CEO Joins LISC Board of Directors

Randy Oostra, CEO of Toledo-based ProMedica Health System, brings 40 years of health care and management expertise to LISC’s national board. His appointment comes at a time when LISC is intensifying its work to upend health disparities across the U.S., by investing in the well-being of people and places. It’s a strategy that Oostra has pioneered through ProMedica, boosting good health outcomes and opportunity for local communities.

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1.17.2018 -

To Solve Youth Homelessness, Talk to Young People

As a teenager, Da’Quan Wilson was homeless, sleeping in friends’ apartments, at relatives’ homes and even in a cemetery. Today, he works as a “Community Connector” with LISC Philadelphia partner People’s Emergency Center (PEC), reaching out to young people who may be undergoing the same sorts of challenges he once did. In our increasingly digital age, community connectors meet people face-to-face, to share information about resources, build neighborhood connection and invite community participation. Many become local leaders in the process.


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The Local Initiatives Support Corporation is one of the largest organizations in the country supporting projects to revitalize low-income communities. This comprehensive approach includes more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability.

LA LISC brings together key local partners, community leaders, and decision-makers to take on pressing challenges, incubate innovative solutions, and develop smarter public policies. Our organization leverages its extensive toolkit of loans, grants, equity investments, and local expertise to enact meaningful change for Los Angeles' moderate - and low-income communities of color.