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7.04.2019 - , ,

Changemakers LA Episode #11: The Status of Blacks Experiencing Homelessness

For our 11th Changemakers LA episode, we discuss the disparity of black people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles based on an investigative report conducted by the Ad Hoc Committee on Black People Experiencing Homelessness.

7.03.2019 -

Local Advisory Committee (LAC) Member Highlight: Chris Hubbard

Christopher Hubbard, Senior Program Officer of Housing at CCF, joined LISC LA's Local Advisory Committee (LAC) due to his appreciation for LISC's influence and outreach in Los Angeles communities. We asked Chris what motivates him to do this work and he replied saying, "every single time my son sees someone on the street, he tells me he wants to help me build a house for them and that motivates me to see if I can do more."

6.17.2019 - ,

Changemakers LA Episode #10: Providing the Skills Needed for Quality Jobs

For our 10th Changemakers LA episode, we explore the work we are doing to address the skills gap in low income communities through our Bridges to Career Opportunities (BCO) program.

6.17.2019 - ,

Partner Highlight: PV Jobs, Building A Strategy to Combat Homelessness in Los Angeles

PVJOBS is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1998 with a mission to place at-risk and disadvantaged youth, adults and veterans into career-track employment in construction and other industries. LISC’s line of credit allows PVJOBS to pay contract expenses and serve returning citizen clients, rather than dipping into their cash on hand and potentially hindering their ability to act as a social service.

6.10.2019 -

Local Advisory Committee (LAC) Member Highlight: Steve Herman

Steve Herman is the Senior Vice President & Manager at California Bank & Trust and the chair of the LISC LA Local Advisory Committee. We asked him, "Who is your hero?" His response was, "That’s easy… my wife." Learn more about Steve.

6.10.2019 - ,

Community Progress Makers (CPM) Winners Series: The Los Angeles LGBT Center

In addition to being the leading service provider for LGBT people in LA, the Center also provides affordable housing to homeless youth and seniors.

6.04.2019 - ,

“It Takes a Truly Comprehensive Effort”: Q&A with Annie Donovan, LISC’s New COO

For decades, Annie Donovan has led innovative efforts to spur economic opportunity and revitalize communities. Now, the former head of the CDFI Fund is bringing her considerable talent and experience to LISC, taking on the new role of chief operating officer.


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The Local Initiatives Support Corporation is one of the largest organizations in the country supporting projects to revitalize low-income communities. This comprehensive approach includes more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability.

LA LISC brings together key local partners, community leaders, and decision-makers to take on pressing challenges, incubate innovative solutions, and develop smarter public policies. Our organization leverages its extensive toolkit of loans, grants, equity investments, and local expertise to enact meaningful change for Los Angeles' moderate - and low-income communities of color.