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Changemakers Podcast - How to Overcome Nimbyism

"This is an opportunity for everyone to get involved"

In this episode, LISC LA Community Development Officer Alexandra Dawson interviews Rochelle Mills, an alum of the Housing Development Training Institute (HDTI) and now President and Chief Executive Officer at Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO). 

Rochelle Mills is responsible for IHO’s housing development, new project and program initiatives, business development relations, and oversees legislative, advocacy and policy interests as well as stakeholder relations. Rochelle brings a diverse background in architecture, design, construction administration, community planning, writing, and cultural tourism to her role in affordable housing. She is the former President of the Southern California Association of NonProfit Housing (SCANPH), and serves on several public and nonprofit boards, services committees, and leader groups.

Listen to this episode where she shares how HDTI helped her overcome imposter syndrome.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How Rochelle got into the affordable housing industry
  2. Her journey to the role of President and Chief Executive Officer at a nonprofit affordable housing development company
  3. Why BANANA is an issue and where it comes from (Hint: it's worse than NIMBY)
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