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Moment #3: Elevating Equity - Health and Housing Webinar

We know that place matters – research has shown that where you live has a dramatic affect on the length and quality of your life. Here in Los Angeles, the built environment has an enormous influence on health behaviors and plays a key role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. As such, physical and social environments that are designed to promote good health at home and in our neighborhoods are critical to the success of our communities.

LA LISC is committed to supporting our partners in identifying sustainable property management strategies and resources for their aging portfolios that preserve quality affordable housing and promote better health outcomes for low-income residents. 

Elevating Equity: Health and Housing Initiative Toolbox and Grant Program
Elevating Equity: Health and Housing Initiative Toolbox and Grant Program

This March, LA LISC launched our Elevating Equity: Health and Housing Initiative Toolbox  and  Grant Program. The initiative promotes actionable policies, programs, and strategies that can be implemented by affordable housing developers to help improve health determinants for residents and incentivize healthy behaviors and opportunities.

We had over 20 organizations apply to the grant program and were able to support three organizations in their efforts. Congrats to A Community of Friends, Esperanza Community Housing, and PATH Ventures. Sign up for our newsletter below for more spotlights on their programs.