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MUFG Union Bank Partners with LISC Los Angeles for An Affordable Housing Capacity Building Initiative!

Building the capacity of the faith-based community and small, minority-led development teams means investing in current leaders, advocates and practitioners. LISC LA implements the Housing Development Training Institute (Fundamentals and Advance) program as a means to introduce emerging and experienced leaders to the field of affordable housing development, while providing local organizations with additional human capital to accomplish keep programmatic goals.

In Los Angeles there is also a need to develop the talent pipeline for faith-based and small, minority development teams. In this climate, LISC believes building the capacity of the field to both effectively produce and in some cases preserve affordable housing units must be a top priority. Through our initiative we aim to:

1. Build the capacity of faith-based leaders and organizations as well as small, minority lead development teams by investing in lead program staff;

2. Build the capacity of faith-based leaders and organizations as well as small, minority lead development teams to partner well in joint ventures that lead to the production of affordable housing; and

3. Advance best practices among faith-based leaders and organizations as well as small, minority lead development teams to ensure that organizations develop quality, well-financed and sustainable projects.

Given the tsunami of resources coming down the pike for new development and the undeniable need for the preservation of existing affordable housing units, it is critical that we ensure that faith-based organizations can effectively respond to the pipeline of work by having trained talent.

LISC will administer a three-part program, (a) Joint Ventures for Faith-Based Organizations Workshop, (b) Affordable Housing for Faith-Based and Mission-Based Organizations Conference, and (c) upon selection of 3 to 5 faith-based and mission-based organizations, LISC and associates will provide 6 months of technical assistance support on their projects.

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About LISC

LISC is one of the leading technical assistance and financing partners for affordable housing development and preservation in the country. We will leverage our national expertise and build upon our existing local efforts to deploy technical assistance resources that can address this human capital capacity gap we see in the market. LISC already has the training platform and partner expertise to implement this work through our Housing Development Training Institute and through our nationally recognized New York Land Opportunity Program (NYLOP).

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