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Institute for Comprehensive Community Development (ICCD)

The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development was established by LISC to advance the field of comprehensive community development and the positive impact it has in urban and rural communities across the country.  They do this by:

  • Building the capacity of community development practitioners;
  • Providing on-site support and technical assistance to comprehensive community development initiatives in  cities across the U.S.;
  • Applying lessons learned through research and performance evaluation to continually improve on-going comprehensive community development initiatives and to develop new initiatives;
  • Supporting the development of public policies which integrate government programs in order to effectively facilitate and support comprehensive community development;
  • Communicating broadly the best there is in practice and theory in the field of community development.

The Institute is a place where the community development field can take what it learns from practice and use it as a base from which to provide training, to promote research in comprehensive community development, and to investigate the public policies that would best advance this work locally and nationally.  The Institute is the locus where practice and theory meet, and where experimentation and innovation – grounded in real-world experience – flourish.

The ICCD's website is full of resources and references, as well as case studies framing stories of strategy, success and trial and error.  The Institute's goal is to support you and your community through the hills and valleys that make comprehensive community development sustainable for generations to come.

Community Development resources and training