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Kalamazoo Partnership Pledges $43M for Housing and Economic Programs

A Partnership Between Kalamazoo City and LISC Is Putting Aggressive Resources Into Economic Opportunity and Affordable Housing.

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1.31.2018 -

Field of Dreams Come True

A 20-year partnership between LISC and the NFL Foundation has built or renovated more than 350 playing fields in communities across the country. An article in Next City reports on how these collaborations in the Twin Cities, host of Super Bowl LII, have nurtured and inspired generations of young people there—including St. Paul’s ...

From National LISC:
1.03.2018 -

What the Jobs Numbers Don’t Tell Us—and Why It Matters

Official unemployment rates may be low, but they don’t reflect the number of people out of the workforce, underemployed or lacking the skills to get good jobs. “We need to disaggregate these numbers,” LISC CEO Maurice Jones said in a front page article in The Guardian newspaper. By 2025, the US will have 16 ...