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When Immigrants Thrive, America Does Too

In honor of Independence Day, LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones reflects on how our country has thrived and prospered thanks in large part to the contributions of immigrants. Now is a time, says Jones, to recommit to the American promise of extending opportunity to all. And to that point, we are sharing a video story ...

From National LISC:
6.19.2018 -

Catalyzing Kalamazoo

For 15 years, LISC has been investing in Kalamazoo's historic Edison neighborhood, where decades of deindustrialization and decline had severed residents from jobs, educational opportunities and accessible healthcare. Today, gleaming new community facilities and flourishing small businesses are generating good jobs, and preparing people for employment. And resident-led projects to beautify the district and ...

5.14.2018 -

Senior Program Officer - Flint, MI

Michigan LISC is seeking a multi-skilled individual to join our team to accomplish our mission of helping to create healthy neighborhoods that are good places to live, work, raise children and conduct business in Flint.