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69th Crime Prevention Awards

Safe Neighborhoods

Safety is fundamental to the health and vitality of communities. People need to know that their children can walk to school without fear, and that their neighborhood streets and parks are peaceful places—every bit as much as they need good, affordable housing, living-wage jobs and strong schools. 

Safety is also critical to attracting community-minded businesses and homeowners to neighborhoods. When crime is high, local economies shrivel. Revitalization and crime reduction must go hand in hand. 

LISC Safety establishes partnerships among law enforcement, residents, business owners and members of other neighborhood institutions. Long-term, effective partnerships can significantly reduce persistent crime, disorder and fear. Our Safety work seeks to help neighborhoods reduce crime, increase public confidence, support home-ownership, and stimulate commerce.

Safety News

69th Crime Prevention Awards

LISC Milwaukee and Safe & Sound are proud to host the Crime Prevention Awards Thursday, February 1, 2018 from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM at the Wisconsin Club. Register here.

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Grant to build on successes in city's Amani neighborhood

Federal officials have doubled down on Milwaukee's Amani neighborhood with more than $740,000 in grant funding, after seeing a dramatic drop in crime as residents worked with police and took the lead on block watches, cleanups, vigils and revitalizing a park.

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Community-Police Partnership Awards

The Dominican Center, Habitat for Humanity and Milwaukee Police Department accepted national MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Awards for Excellence in Civic Engagement and Excellence in Neighborhood Revitalization and Economic Vitality, respectively.

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Bess Earl, Program Officer, Safety