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Structuring NMTC Loan Funds is Key

In the competitive market for new markets tax credit (NMTC) allocation authority, loan funds may provide an edge. By reducing transaction costs, loan funds facilitate qualified low-income community investments (QLICIs) of $2 million or less (small-dollar QLICIs), investments in small businesses and flexible terms. Loan funds are also used with larger QLICIs to reduce transaction ...

Opportunity Zones and Institutional Reform

Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak of The Brookings Institution will create an "Investment Prospectus" to enable cities, counties and states to identify concrete investable projects and propositions in designated Opportunity Zones, a typology of designated census tracts to identity investment possibilities of distinct urban geographies and an Institutional Audit that cities can use to assess ...

Did States Maximize their Opportunity Zones Selections?

The Urban Institute published an analysis of Opportunity Zone designations as of May 2018, evaluating the needs of the communities in selected census tracts and their potential to benefit from Opportunity Zone tax incentives.