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Sewing the Fabric of Unity, One Stitch at a Time

Legrand Lindor, CEO of CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ and LMI Textiles, works every day to inspire unity amongst Caribbean peoples through displays of pride in their own cultures. He received a $17,500 microloan through Impact Lending, a partnership between Northeastern University and LISC to grow his business.

With new clinic, Mountain Park Health Center no longer hidden treasure in Tempe

For nearly 11 years, Mountain Park Health Center has delivered its unique style of integrated healthcare in relative obscurity in Tempe. Now it’s also working redevelopment magic in the city’s center while continuing to advance community health and wellness—and you can’t miss it.

Slow-Cooking the American Dream in San Diego

Matt and Athena Shlemon left Iraq to make a home in the United States, where they built the most American of businesses: a barbecue joint. A LISC small business loan helped them strengthen and grow their restaurant, which has become a beloved community institution.