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What We Do

CDE and Investor Services

We specialize in all aspects of the New Markets Tax Credit program, from deal sourcing and structuring to longer-term asset management and project exits. We offer our services to others who need help managing their own NMTC allocations.

To learn more about our services, contact Brynn Sanders on our team.

 CDE Advisory Services

  • Compliance Oversight
    • Report ATS and file 8874-A
    • Perform “substantially-all” analysis 
    • Prepare periodic status reports on the operating income safe harbor
    • Assemble and review QALICB certifications
    • Manage Community Impact Information System (CIIS) data collection
    • Prepare and submit TLR and ILR reports to the CDFI Fund
  • Pre-Closing
    • Ensure NMTC program compliance and credit risk with loan documentation review
    • Review financial model
    • Review construction budget
    • Coordinate with the borrower, investor, and lender to ensure an efficient transition after deal closing
  • Accounting and Reporting
    • Create quarterly and annual financial statements
    • Prepare annual audit and tax return package
  • Loan Servicing and Cash Management
    • Send interest and fee invoices and record payment receipts
    • Prepare fund transfer memos between NMTC entities 
  • Asset Management 
    • Review monthly construction draws
    • Prepare construction monitoring reports
    • Collect and review financial statements for the project
    • Provide operating reports summarizing asset performance
    • Collect and review community impact reports
  • Exit Services
    • Unwind NMTC investments at the end of the seven-year compliance period

  Investor Services 

  • Fund development and management
  • Deal sourcing and structuring
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Loan servicing and cash management
  • NMTC compliance oversight
  • Asset management

   New Markets Tax Credit Software: NewDL

  • The New Markets Data Link, NewDL, is our one-of-a-kind software platform and community development database. NewDL 2.0 - an updated and improved version of our platform to better serve our clients - was released in Fall 2017. We lease NewDL to other CDEs to help them manage their allocation.
  • We specifically designed NewDL to manage NMTC investments, allowing users to capture and track QEI, QLICI, and QALICB data on a secure web platform. 
  • NewDL allows you to create custom reports to track your portfolio's community impacts, allocation status, investment concentration, QLICI rates and terms, and more.
  • The system allows you to upload Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) data directly to the CDFI Fund.
  • See our YouTube channel to preview some of NewDL's features.

   Fund Management Services


Brynn Sanders, VP of Fund Management