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9.07.2017 -

“We Are All Dreamers”

LISC CEO Maurice Jones weighs in on the critical role immigrants have always played in the social, economic and spiritual life of this country. The Dreamers, as 800,000 young people supported by the DACA program are known, are valuable assets to our schools, workplaces and neighborhoods, and we need their participation, just as they ...

NY Daily News Editorial: Housing on Holy Land

A NY Daily News editorial called LISC NYC's New York Land Opportunity Program a “groundbreaking idea” and stated, “Kudos to a new city partnership to help build affordable housing on religious institutions’ property.”

6.29.2017 -

Arts from the African Diaspora Finds a Home at Bed Stuy Restoration

When their former home in Downtown Brooklyn was approved for demolition in order to make room for a new residential sky-rise in 2014, the Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance faced an uncertain future. Fortunately, that period of uncertainty is coming to an end with the renovation of a new space at RestorationART.