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LISC New York City focuses on preserving the physical integrity, financial viability and sustainability of the affordable housing we have helped nonprofit groups to develop over the years. Part of our strategy includes incorporating green and healthy practices into these buildings. We are committed to supporting our CDC partners who are property managers and owners to find innovative and simple ways to save money and improve the sustainability of their large and aging building portfolio.

Two Shades of Green (TSG) integrates green, healthy and cost-effective measures into existing affordable housing rehabilitation and property maintenance.  To strengthen program delivery, LISC mobilizes a wide range of affordable housing, community health and energy stakeholders to align resources.  

Since 2013, our Two Shades of Green program has integrated energy efficiency, water conservation, pest management, non-toxic cleaning, smoke-free policy, and active design features into 1,100 units of affordable housing.

Partners include NYC Department of Health and Mental HygieneNYC Department of Housing Preservation and DevelopmentNYC Smoke-Free and our CDC partners.

LISC NYC celebrates Two Shades of Green's achievements in the Bronx with our partners.
LISC CEO Maurice Jones and LISC NYC Executive Director Sam Marks tour murals painted in stairwells to encourage residents to save enery and take the stairs.
The LISC TSG team celebrates making over 1,100 healthier and greener since 2013.

To advance energy and water conservation measures during the time of rehabilitation, TSG provides a comprehensive set of services to affordable housing property owners and managers including:

  • Benchmarking to measure project performance pre- and post-retrofit
  • Project design assistance for energy and water retrofits;
  • Coordination with available rebate or incentive programs;
  • Preparation of financing packages to support retrofit work, as necessary; and
  • Staff training and preparation of operation and maintenance plans.

TSG seizes the opportunity to use rehabilitation to improve a building’s health environment.  It provides targeted technical support to help affordable owners integrate the following health measures:

  • Safe and green pest control, which reduces exposure to toxic pesticides, seals holes to prevent pests from entering, and, in doing so, conserves heat;
  • Smoke-free housing, which reduces resident exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, reduces fire risk, and decreases the cost of preparing units for new renters;
  • Active design, which increases resident physical activity through low-cost modifications and add-ons to buildings and surroundings; and
  • Green cleaning, which reduces exposure to harmful chemicals through the use of cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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